Institute for Medical Immunology


Kathleen Weatherly, PhD
Etude du rôle joué par la molécule S100A4 dans la différenciation et la fonction des lymphocytes T.

Nicolas Dauby, MD PhD
B-cell response in primary human cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy.


Pierre Antoine, MD PhD
CD4+ T lymphocyte response to primary cytomegalovirus infection.

Nathalie Compté, MD PhD
Impact of clinical factors on inflammaging and Toll-like receptors responses in old age.

Ariane Huygens, PhD
Fetal T cell response to human congenital cytomegalovirus infection.

Philippe Lemaître, MD PhD
Early role of IL-17 and calcineurin inhibitor-mediated Th2- and Th17-polarization of chronic tra-chea allograft rejection pathways.

Jinyu Zhang, PhD
The role played by microRNA-155 in the regulation of T cell function.


Benoit Vokaer, MD PhD
Regulatory T cells in allogeneic condition: pro-Th17 collateral effect and impact of B7-CD28 costimulatory blockade.


Isabelle Debock, PhD
Study of the development of Th17-type immune response in early life.


Aurore Dubois, PhD
Régulation des réponses Th2, induite en début de vie, dans un modèle murin d’inflammation pulmonaire.


Panayota Kapessidou, MD PhD
Implication of vascular endothelium and interleukin-22 in rejection of cardiac allografts.

Amandine Legat, PhD
Contribution à l'étude du mode d'action de deux adjuvants synthétiques ciblant TLR4 : diC14-amidine et CRX-527.

Emanuelle Moens, PhD
Caractérisation des lymphocytes T gamma delta dans le sang de cordon ombilical.

Vijay Morampudi, PhD
Study of the modulation of innate immune responses in intestinal epithelial cells by Toxoplasma gondii and its correlation with parasite virulence.


Céline Molle, PhD
Etude de la régulation des différentes cytokines de la famille de l'interleukine-12.

Magali Noval Rivas, PhD
Mécanismes de contrôle de l'activité des lymphocytes T CD4+ soumis à une stimulation antigé-nique chronique.


Virgine De Wilde, MD PhD
Cross talk between innate and adaptive immunity in response to LPS.


Fleur Samantha Benghiat, MD PhD
Control of the allogeneic reaction by naturally occuring regulatory T cells.

Pascal Feunou Feunou, PhD
Treg cells development after superantigen chronic exposure.

Jolyn Johnson, PhD
Protein Kinase C: A key regulator of dendritic cell function.

Joelle Rennson, PhD
Activation of cytotoxic CD8+ T cells by adult and neonatal myeloid dendritic cells.

Muriel Stubbe, MD PhD
Lymphocytes T CD4 et réponses vaccinales: du processus de différenciation à la mémoire im-munologique.


Cécile Galle, MD PhD
Inflammatory and helper T lymphocyte responses in human abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Sandrine Tonon, PhD
Pertussis toxin activates dendritic cells and naive CD4 T lymphocytes in humans.


Ligia Ioana Ruscas, PhD
Effets antiinflammatoires des lymphocytes irradiés par les rayons UV : induction d’IL-1Ra et d’IL-10 par les monocytes/macrophages.

Lionel Poulin, PhD
Rôles de l’IL-9 dans les mécanismes de rejet d’allogreffe dirigés par les lymphocytes T CD4+ de type Th2.